Perfection does not exist

This week I thought I would remind people of/share this video with you. Remember what you see in magazines and on T.V. isn’t always what it seems…



Next week I want to talk about a product I really love.. and find out more about what is in it 🙂


About skeptical beauty

The Skeptical Beauty blog is written by an anonymous beauty product addict. A scientist who loves data and has experience of working for the biggest cosmetics products producer in the world. Knows all the insider secrets.
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1 Response to Perfection does not exist

  1. Jessika says:

    I love this site, I tend to always do extensive research before I join any makeup hype. The newest that is hitting the states is this BB cream which is predominantly propular in the Eastern markets. I’ve read that a few from overseas contain arbutin which is sort of a melanin inhibitor for producing an even skin tone and ‘whitening’ effect. The ones marketing in the states tend to be steering away from that though. Anyways I was wondering if you could do reviews on the popular Missha brands from overseas and the brands being marketed in the US. I’d really like more insight on the beauty product that claims to moisturize, cover up blemishes, even skin tone, and have anti-aging properties. Thanks.

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