Homeopathic Skin Care

I set up this blog to critically look at the ingredients and claims of beauty products, to help people try to understand what works and what doesn’t. What I didn’t expect (and I probably should have) to see is a whole bunch of homeopathic skin care products being sold. I also didn’t expect to be insulted by @homeopathicdana on twitter who told me:

‘My sympathies for not understanding. Have you considered reading? You might actually learn something’

Well how rude.

So off I went to read about the ingredients in the products he is peddling.

 ‘7 cream’ 

From the website:  ‘Consider this skin cream for many types of skin problems, ranging from eczema to dry skin (it is a fabulous moisturizer!), to burns and sunburns to burns from radiation therapy, to undiagnosed skin problems to the itch from hemorrhoids.  Try it…and you will see!


Shea Butter,  Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Neem OilManuka Honey, Aloe Vera, Calendula, Germanium oil (Pelargonium graveolens) is the newest ingredient to this Plus now with Manuka Oil

Plus pure, soft Canadian Glacier water

There is no information about the concentration of the individual ingredients on the website.  This formulation doesn’t appear to be homeopathic at all..  it looks like any other moisturiser with some additional ingredients which are found plenty of creams (to see the benefits of a moisturiser see here). I’m not sure if this product can be recommended to treat medical conditions such as hemorrhoids, burns and sunburns. I know for my eczema I avoid as many additives in creams as I can. There’s nothing special to see here.

If you do not know what homeopathic remedies are, basically they are usually in a pill or medicine form and are a diluted version of an ingredient. So diluted that there is no trace of the original ingredient.  Homeopathic sellers claim that water retains a ‘memory’ of the original ingredient. If that was true, all water would have a memory of every single element on the planet anyway.

Studies on homeopathic remedies have repeatedly shown there is no benefit (above what is known as the placebo effect).  A true homeopathic skin cream consisting of moisturising ingredients isn’t going to do anything more than moisturise your skin. I was pleased to see that a number of other Beauty Bloggers are already aware and skeptical of these kinds of remedies!



About skeptical beauty

The Skeptical Beauty blog is written by an anonymous beauty product addict. A scientist who loves data and has experience of working for the biggest cosmetics products producer in the world. Knows all the insider secrets.
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5 Responses to Homeopathic Skin Care

  1. Rihana says:

    Yes I agree with that this skin cream for many types of skin problems, ranging from eczema to dry skin (it is a fabulous moisturizer!), to burns and sunburns to burns from radiation therapy, to undiagnosed skin problems to the itch from hemorrhoids.Beacuse in which lots of ingredients Shea Butter, Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Neem Oil, Manuka Honey, Aloe Vera, Calendula, Germanium oil (Pelargonium graveolens) is the newest ingredient to this Plus now with Manuka Oil.I think all this ingredients oily but some person have dry skin and some have oily skin that’s why it’s not perfect cream. . I think Kaya clinic also provide skin care facilities and it is best in it.

    • The cream is a moisturiser! Personally, like I say I wouldn’t use a cream with some of these additives for my eczema. Unless you have some medical knowledge I wouldn’t recommend this cream for medical conditions like haemorrhoids or burns either.

  2. Leper says:

    I think that first comment is blog spam, given the nonsensical cut and paste from the article and pair of links to the same external site.

  3. Vicky says:

    I totally agree with you, this cream is an ordinary moisturiser. It may even be a good moisturiser (haven’t tried it yet, won’t) and if they sold it as one, nobody would complain. But they’re not, and it doesn’t surprise me one bit that Mr DUllman would insult you for pointing out that it’s , after all he’s proud to call himself a “leading advocate for homeopathy” (plus he’s selling the stuff). I’ve found your blog only today, but I’ve been reading sceptical blogs for years now, and every now and then homeopathy comes up. I’ve come to think that Mr DUllman is utterly unable to accept that rational people see homeopathy for what it is; as a consequence of this, most blog posts that are critical of homeopathy have at least one drive-by comment from him (I’m surprised that this one doesn’t).

    As usual, Mr DUllman would be wise to take his own advice and consider reading rather than talking/writing, but that doesn’t seem to be his strong suit. “Pelargonium graveolens” is NOT Germanium, it’s a ‘Geranium’ species. Not that it matters much (if it’s in homeopathic concentration), but someone who’s so snappy over everyone elses alledged ignorance shouldn’t make such basic mistakes.

  4. teacher says:

    I ran across this blog while looking for more info on 7 Cream. I have chronic folliculitis that flares up in the Spring. For the past couple years (since I cut gluten) my skin has been fine, but this Spring my folliculitis came back with a vengeance; red inflamed scabs all over my arms and legs. Bummer. I researched like crazy to figure out a way to heal these without going in for an antibiotic. Came upon magnesium. Turns out staph doesn’t live well with magnesium, so I upped my Mg levels and even apply Milk of Magnesia to the affected areas. Works great. My skin is less inflamed and I’m getting no more spots– this has been the case for weeks now. I’m thrilled. The problem was… the existing spots healed so slowly; often taking weeks. So I went into the local natural grocery store here in Portland (New Seasons) and asked the person in the supplement aisle how to heal these sores. She gave me a tiny tub of this 7 Cream to sample. I went home and put it on… Lo and behold, within *hours* I had more healing than I’ve seen in *weeks*. Put more on overnight and woke up this morning with even more progress! For me, this problem has persisted for over a decade and I am shocked at how effective this product is. Homeopathic or not, it works. I know part of the deal is the Manuka honey which studies have shown works well to combat staph. So… there you go. Maybe before ragging on a product, try it. A lot of people have had great success with this product on their eczema. Ask for a sample, see what happens.

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