Environmentally Friendly Beauty Care

Save the sea otters, be beauty packaging aware

Being environmentally friendly is never a bad thing and everyone can do their bit by taking reusable bags to the supermarket, locally sourcing food and buying products with minimal packaging.

5 year olds know these rules to help save the planet.

When it comes to beauty; ‘organic’, ‘natural’ and ‘caring’ are all words often used to sell products, but these claims can be misleading, see here for a good guide to what eco-beauty phrases on beauty products mean. ‘Chemicals’, are mostly marketed as ‘bad’ (unless they are special, newly formulated, miracle, anti-aging compounds) and ingredients from ‘nature,’ are marketed as ‘a good thing’. But, for today, let’s forget about the ingredients and claims, and look behind the words, and think about what they are written on.

Packaging. Packaging sells beauty, it makes or breaks a product. Shelves are lined with contrasting colours, shapes and textures all to make products eye catching, and make you want them at home. Beauty blogs coo over how attractive new products look.

With beauty, first impressions mean everything.

When you buy a product, you are paying for the packaging materials, design and cost, along with the cost of the lotion or potion (almost always the cost of the potion is less than that of the packaging).

‘Green’ mantras shouldn’t go out of the window when you are shopping for beauty products. Glossybox tried to create some green awareness with their ‘Natural Box’, but all the products were in plastic packaging (some in plastic, in boxes, within boxes), and although that particluar box was biodegradable.. and made from recycled materials that only highlighted the fact that their normal boxes aren’t. When they should be.

Next time you are shopping think about what packaging is used. Excess packaging (cardboard boxes, bags, ribbons, jewels and plastic etc) might make the product stand out and look special, but stop, just picture the super cute sea otters, and think. That pretty packaging is just going to end up in the bin.

Look for recyclable materials, and look for products that have been made with recycled materials (usually on the back of the pack with the ingredient list).

The only way to reduce waste is by changing behaviour. Look after the planet like you look after yourself, it’s the only one we have.

What to do with old products?

Don’t just throw the packaging in the bin, look and see if it is recyclable. Also, Origins run a recycling beauty product packaging programme, where you can take empty previously unrecyclable packaging (from any brand) into stores or department counters and they will recycle or use the products for energy recovery.


About skeptical beauty

The Skeptical Beauty blog is written by an anonymous beauty product addict. A scientist who loves data and has experience of working for the biggest cosmetics products producer in the world. Knows all the insider secrets.
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